Here Are the Top 2 Free Webhosting to Design A State-Of-The-Art Site without a Dime

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Do you have an idea you want to share online and retain the copyright? Or else do you have a dream to sell products online but facing financial constraints? Well, for you to make things happen in either case you need a website that stands out. So how can you make it without any cash for purchasing a domain name and paying for hosting services?

Indeed, this can be a heart-breaking thing. Fortunately, lack of cash should no longer be an obstacle to going online. Today, several free web hosting providers will catch your hand and enable you to take your first leap to the virtual arena. Here are the top two:


WordPress comes in two brands: and is a paid package web builder.

On the other hand, is the free option and the purpose of this discussion. This option offers you an opportunity to create a free website or blog. You can write your articles or post your products for sale. Also, the platform has several themes to help you give your site a professional look.

If you are launching an online store, you can combine it with WooCommerce, and you will be good to go. Furthermore, you can move to a paid option in future through transferring your site from to without many hustles. So, this can be a good option as you begin your online journey. Suggested articles:


The next free web hosting option is Wix. This platform offers you drag and drop features to ease your website development. Hence, you do not need to be a coding guru to go online. Also, it has wooing themes and elements that enable you to develop a catchy and attractive site. Another benefit of this platform is that it has features and themes optimized for search engines. So, it will not be an uphill to market your website. However, if you are planning to upload large files, here is the bad news. Wix offers you a disk space of 500MBs and a bandwidth of the same size. Regardless of this shortcoming, it is a good option for stepping online.


As you can see joining peers on the virtual platform by owning a website is no longer a hard tackle. With the two free web hosting options, you can launch your blog to share ideas or a site to start selling online.

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