3 Harsh Impacts of Poor Web Hosting On Your Business Performance

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An online success is a celebratory moment. But when things go south, it is a bundle of regrets. Imagine waking up one day to find that your online business is no longer making profit. Your traffic is declining per hour. Complaints about unfulfilled online orders are increasing daily.

How would you feel? All this is happening despite you investing your time, capital, and skills in designing a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and attractive website. Your web hosting provider has a direct impact on your online business performance. For this reason, you must be conscious when choosing one. To inform you of how a poor web hosting can impact your business performance, read this article.

Loss of customers

Any business cannot thrive without customers. The customers are the revenue stream for your business. So, regardless of whether you are operating online or offline, you need to be available to them. One aspect that will keep customers coming to your online store is the loading speed of your site.

A customer expects to purchase within a short duration and without any delays. Hence, they expect your site to load faster. For this to happen, you must host your site with a reliable web hosting provider. As such, poor hosting leads to loss of customers who cannot stand for delayed services and slow loading speed. Read more about: cottonbowltradedays.com

Poor customer service

As a webpreneur in this era, you understand that customers are seeking for information before making a purchase decision. They expect you to be available at any moment to answer their queries. Alternatively, your site must be up when they need to inquire more about your products and services.

Your web host plays a role in determining your uptime or when you will receive your customer queries. So, if your web hosting provider has poor services your customer services will follow suit. You will take a long time before solving customer queries. This way they will be disappointed and seek a new seller.

Lost revenue

Combining poor customer services and loss of customers, the results will be low income. If customers move from your business, it will mean a terminated revenue stream. Also, increased downtime denies you an opportunity to attract more customers. No customer will visit a site displaying the 500 error for more than two times. For this reason, you should be vigilant in your web hosting selection process. Otherwise, losses will be your daily bread.


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