The 3 Best Benefits of premium domains – and how they can help you


One of key elements that you need to figure out when starting a website for your business or when you want to take your existing business online is to find the perfect register a domain name. You want it to be something that will make people trust your business and also something that is as close to your business name as possible. To get all of those things, the best thing that you can do is get your hands on a premium domain name. Premium domains can be very expensive and very difficult to get, but they are definitely worth both the money and the effort because of all of the many ways in which you will benefit from them. In today’s article we are actually going to talk to you about some of those great benefits, so definitely make sure to keep on reading to find out more information.

You get the benefit of direct traffic

Most of the time, a big reason as to why premium domain names are so expensive is the fact that they bring very large volumes of direct type-in traffic with them. This is because there are people out there that simply type the whole domain name into the browser bar when searching for something as opposed to going through different search engines. Them doing this results with you getting an instant flow of very high quality traffic. This is the best kind of SEO that you can get because it is organic and, in fact, this type-in direct traffic is something that usually carries very high conversion rates which means lots more customers for you.

You get instant trust and authority

When customers see brands using premium domains, they immediately get a sense of authority from the brand and they trust it much more. A user will trust a business that sells cars and has the domain name www.cars.com than the domain name www.findcarsonline.com. This kind of trust is gained mostly due to the fact that online shoppers today generally have a clue about how the online world works and they know that a domain name like cars.com costs a lot of money and are pretty rare. This will show them that you are a serious business and that trust and authority that you will have in people’s eye s is that will influence the purchasing decisions of the users which will lead you to a much higher conversion rate. A great thing is that when you have the customers’ trust that will also flow into other aspects of marketing such as emails and display and that is because the domain name is at the base of all of those efforts.

You will get the benefit of brand recognition

Something that every brand wants is to be a household name, and a premium domain name is something that can definitely help with the branding portion. A couple of reasons as to why premium domain names are so expensive are the fact that they are easy to spell and quite memorable at the same time. But another reason why they are so expensive is the fact that customers never have to guess what they are going to find when they open the page because of the simplicity of the names. This is definitely something that will save your brand from having to invest time and money in explaining to the customers what the business and products are all about, and in our eyes that is definitely something that makes the money worth it.

Getting the best domain name you can is key, and premium domains are as close as you will get to that perfection. We hope that seeing some of the great benefits that a premium domain name can bring you has shown you that making that investment is one of the best things that you can make for your business and that you will be enjoying those benefits for years to come.